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Music is therapeutic and therapy is just what I needed after another long week at work!  This evening with Aniba Hotep & The Sol Collective started out a little different, we were able to engage them in a question and answer session before their show started. Right off I will just state that they are HILARIOUS! There was no forced chemistry on display they answered questions, cracked jokes on each other and gave each other their just rewards. The question and answer session came off as natural and not forced or rehearsed.   First  we learned that they  love and support each other and bring their own unique talents to the group. Secondly we learned that are not afraid to experiment with different musical styles and in fact have a lot of different things in their musical vault.  Finally we learned that their music transcends age boundaries. The energy that they give, and unique spin that they put on their music appeals to many demographics.  Plain and simple they create good music that does not get old regardless of what is being pushed in the market. It was night full of energy at the Out Take Lounge located at 1758 West Grand. The venue had had good food as everyone was chowing down when I arrived, and the staffed came off as pleasant and friendly. The space was a bit intimate but I think that added to ambiance. All in all it was a great night. The music was great! They performed a few covers as well as original material. I got to see a lil more of who the group members were individually. I did not know that Caress Sahura could rhyme the way she did, yo go girl! Neri gives me life with her vocals and Aniba and her soulful vocals are wonderful. They have one of the best bands that I have heard that place was jumping!!!!!! Big Ups to them in their future endeavors. Their manager Ishmael dropped a few hints of upcoming things and I’m sure all of their fans cannot wait! If You have not heard them perform you need to do so and that is my 2 cents. Mr. Openyonated.

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