Running an open mic is no easy task, one might think that all you need to do is gather a few talented people and presto you’re a success however that isn’t always the case. Solace Souls Coalition recently celebrated 3 years of running their open mic with their anniversary show and as always they didn’t disappoint. If you’re familiar with the show that they typically put on for an anniversary you know what I’m talking about. It was filled with great features and of course their finale which was infused with style and energy!  Solace Souls Open Mic first came onto the scene January 2015 and consisted of Jeronimo, Restore and Black Diamond. They later on decided to expand and create a coalition of other like minded leaders to build with and grow the open mic.  Solace’s original home was at the Spoken Word Lounge in the Bridgeport Arts Center.  The founding members of the Solace Soul Coalition were: Black Heaven, Royal R’Kitec, Mocha Chocolate, B Good, Grindz and Andre Taylor.   The original thought behind Solace was to gather a team of people with amazing talent, to build their artistry to a master level, give them business sense and knowledge, broaden their artistic ceilings, and the collective gives back to the community through their artistry, time,  finances and  materials. As time goes on things grow and Solace has definitely grown throughout the years and birthed a new branch of their family tree called Solace Minds based in Kankakee IL The family now consists of Jeronimo-Danielle Harris, Restore, Black Heaven, Wisdom Speaks, Grindz, Deonta Turner, Royal R’Kitec, Amber Whitted, Mahogany Ashford, Tamiko Jones, Jasmine Bettyboo Brumfield, Matt Brooks, Keep It Smooth, Kent Wade, Young Pat and 8:54. 
Solace Souls is definitely a talented cast ensemble of talented individuals who bring their own uniqueness to the collective. We can’t wait to see what the future holds for them and what they have coming down the line. Stay tuned for more on Solace Souls as we will be sitting down with them soon to hear more about the Solace Souls Story. As for now check out scenes from their anniversary show!



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