Pedal Pusher Vintage

Can you think of that one song that no matter when you hear it , it never goes out of style? What about that article of clothing that can stand the test of time and trends? Pedal Pusher Vintage Shop & Swap hosted by  Kelli Stewart on Jan 13th not only showcased great vintage pieces but it offered a great atmosphere with wonderful people. Ms. Stewart has been showcasing  vintage pieces for 10 years and has spent time doing so on the East Cost and more recently in the Austin community where she is originally from. She created a warm welcoming atmosphere with great pieces, food and discussion. It was like a personal shopping experience with old friends.  Everyone in attendance seemed to enjoy themselves and were able to pick up some timeless pieces. Kelli’s event was not just all about shopping, participants also brought items to the event that they could swap for other ones with extras going to the Franciscan House a shelter serving Chicago’s West Side.  To keep up with Pedal Pusher Vintage make sure to follow them on Facebook!

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