Many people have seen the hastags #Freedom and #TheMovement  lately and may have  wondered just what it was all about. On Friday October 21st the suspense ended! The launch event was held at Living Clean Entertainment located at 1539 South Pulaski in Chicago. The night was filled with some of Chicago’s most talented spoken word artists doing what they do best on the mic however, the main event was the unveiling of the visual Freedom. The mastermind behind  #TheMovement is spoken word artist Michael “Double G”  Kielanowicz.  The movement is a call to action and unity in a world of division. Many sets were represented at the unveiling and definitely seems to a turn in the right direction for a city such as Chicago.  We think everyone will love the visual and most of all the message! Check out some of the scenes from last night’s event. Be sure to follow Double G and #TheMovement.   Follow on all social media as @MrOpenyonated and be sure to subscribe to our you tube channel!


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