K Love opened her royal court on Wednesday February 9th at the Promontory located in Hyde Park IL. Everyone on the poetry scene knows K Love, she is an assassin on the microphone. She is a mentor, business woman, artist and visionary. Her resume pretty much speaks for itself, some of it  consists of Lyric Squad, The Princess Project and her resume was on FULL display at the event. Her audience had the opportunity to see part of the queens origins and just how much her parents poured into her to make her the woman that she is today. We were able to  experience the works of her hands  and oh what mighty works they were! There is one thing for certain her love runs deeps! The legacy that she has created by pouring into other people will last way beyond her. She is a kingdown builder and her legacy is strong!  The performances were powerful and heartfelt. It was definitely worth the investment of time as the artist that were included laid it out for us. Check out some of the images and videos from the show and definitely follow what the queen is doing!  Follow us on all social media at @MrOpenyonated




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