Curvy Divas “50 Shades of Blue”

September 27, 2015 in Music & Poetry Blog by Mropenyonated

The Curvy Divas set the house on fire!

What’s going on inside will shine through!

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Whenever I see something on clearance or in a bargain bin I always wonder why it’s there. Was it a poorly designed product, was the marketing campaign terrible, were people turned off by its performance or the way it looked? When you see how people present themselves it’s the same thing. If you’re sexy you don’t have to be naked to show it, your personality exudes it. If you’re buffed you can see it without pouring it on too thick.  If something is quality there is no need to over do it. Appearing desperate and appearing confident are closely related.  If there is good in you it will shine thorough. If there is bad in you it will shine through. If there is sadness in you it will shine through. If there is desperation in you it will shine through. Less is always more whatever is going on in the inside is sure to show up on the outside so let’s make it our business to work on our inner person so that we don’t have to over compensate on the outside.   That’s our 2 Cents.  Follow us on all social media at @MrOpenyonated

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Forgiveness is VERY important! It’s probably one of the most important lessons that you will ever learn in life.  Throughout the course of your life you will be hurt multiple times by multiple people. You will be hurt by family, friends, and acquaintances but how you react is up to you. Forgiving people does not mean that you say what you did was right but it mentally frees you from a prison that you don’t have time to sit in. Realize that forgiveness and reconciliation are two different things. Forgiveness does not necessarily mean that you return to being buddy buddy with a person it means that you have acknowledged that they messed up and have decided not the harbor ill feelings in your heart about the incident. You must use wisdom when reentering a close relationship with someone.  Reconciling can take a while. Trust must be earned in order for things to return to a state of being normal. Decide today to forgive! That’s our 2 cents!! Follow us on all social media at @MROPENYONATED  Like our Facebook page

Sometimes it’s not you!

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We’ve all been in situations where things didn’t work out for us in some kind of relationship whether it be a friendship or a romantic relationship. Sometimes our relationships with family members just never seem to mesh well. When things don’t seem to work out the parties always look for someone to blame. I’ve learned that it’s always a good idea to do some self evaluation when things don’t quite work out because honestly we could be playing a major part in the breakdown of the relationship.  However, sometimes it’s not us it’s the other person. It’s not us that’s dishonest it’s them. It’s not us that have a fear of commitment it’s them. It’s not us that is unwilling to sacrifice it’s them. It’s not us that can’t work through the rough patches it’s them. After examining yourself first take a look at who you are trying to relate to it just may not meant to be. That’s my 2 cents! Add us on all social media @MROPENYONATED


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Sometimes you go through periods of your life where you don’t think you quite measure up. During those moments you may entertain if you pass the quality test and question if you really have what it takes to do what you desire to do. Do you have what it takes to get that new position? Do you have what it takes to make that marriage or relationship work? Do you have what it takes to attain your goals? In those very dark moments you have to have a session with your architect and go over the blueprints so that you can be shown that you were built to do everything that he has before you. You have to come to the point to say I AM ENOUGH! God have given me EVERYTHING I need to accomplish my goal. Others may not see my value or worth but that does not mean it isn’t there. So when you feel down in the dumps tell yourself I AM ENOUGH because God does not make junk!

Thoughts of a Thinker Book Signing Event

August 17, 2015 in Music & Poetry Blog by Mropenyonated

There is a new author in town! had the pleasure of helping Markell Thompson celebrate the release of his new book “Thoughts of a Thinker.” We are always excited to congratulate fellow authors into the fold and help them launch out in new endeavors. First things first, I automatically noticed Markell made it a point to greet everyone that attended his event. One might think that it’s common sense to speak to everyone that supports your event, you would be amazed at how many folks don’t.  Kudos to him for having that type of spirit it will definitely take him far! There was great line up of local Chicago artist to help him celebrate the occasion. Kai Love shared a revolutionary piece that gave us a personal account of interacting with unjust law officials something that so many of us have become familiar with. Hood Raised in his  transparency shared part of his personal journey of growth and delivered a powerful piece.  Goddess Warrior shared new knowledge with us from her experience of unplugging from media and plugging into the creator.  Jeronimo shared his life experiences in his own poetic style. Darlin Mikki totally floored me with her performance. In true artist form she used her experience throughout the day as fuel.  I really take my hat off to Markell being so young and new to the scene and at the same time being so focused.  Upon reading some of his book I learned that the place that he is in now is the result of making a change. He made a decision to do something different and the results have not only made him a better person but also a better person for his family.  Make sure you pick up his new book “Thoughts of a Thinker” and add him on social media to keep up with what he’s up to. That’s our 2 cents!! Make sure you add us on social media @MrOpenyonated and like our Facebook Page – Openyonayed Fan page– Markell Thompson


Solace Souls Blackout Affair

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11782487_10100291466812005_382219659900326722_o Solace Souls


On Sunday August 16th I ventured out to the South side to experience the latest installment of Solace Souls Sunday.  I honestly have to say that it was great! Most of the poetry events that I attend on a regular basis are hosted on the West Side of the city and since I’m a West Sider I love all of them LOL and it takes a little push for me to try anything else. Overall the number of poetry sets in the city seem to be growing and everyone has their own distinct personality. When someone asks me about which poetry set to attend I often ask them what do they like and what their level in the craft is,  that kind of gives me a good idea of what I should refer them to.  I like to work in healthy team situations so the fact that The Solace Souls Coalition appears to blend well together is a plus for me. There is nothing like a team full of people who don’t like each other and are all fighting for the spotlight. Alicia Restore Spikes and Jeronimo are magic  hosting together with their joking and jabbing at each other back and forth. The evening began with a team gathering, some prayer, laughs and affirmation.  I commend Jeronimo for for the work that he is putting in with his team. He’s a great guy and the quality of what I have seen in him as a solo artist definitely show up in this ensemble group.  The theme of the night was all black. The open mic section had some very talented artists, one of them even drove 7 hours to come. That’s dedication to the craft.  The features were Black Diamond, Black Heaven and Blaq Ice.  It was a very good a mixture. Black Diamond left the audience fanning and squirming in their seats with his erotic piece, Black Heaven blew the roof off with her power vocals and Blaq Ice ushered in the party with doses of inspiration sprinkled in. There were themed drinks as well as food selections and both of them were flowing regularly from the bar and the kitchen.  I also like the fact that there were black vendors there and the fact that stimulating the Black economy plays a portion in the Solace Souls package.  Everyone seemed please and it was another reason for me to think about traveling to the South side LOL. That’s our 2 cents at To follow what the Solace Souls Team is up to make sure you like their Facebook Page and their individual pages.  Follow us on all social media at Mr Openyonated and please like our Facebook page    Solace Souls Facebook Page  Jeronimo Fan Page  Alicia Restore Spikes  Black Heaven Featured at the event.    Royal r’kitec Grindz  Mocha Chocolate   BLAQ ICE- Featured at the event




What are the Components of a Successful Beauty & Barbershop?

August 6, 2015 in Music & Poetry Blog by Mropenyonated


I had the opportunity to talk to Anthony Jones owner of AJ Styles Beauty & Barber shop  located at 42 West Lake Street Oak Park, Illinois at the 4 year anniversary and customer appreciation of his salon.  I honestly believe that when you do things right you will be successful. Staying afloat in a challenging economy definitely means that you are doing something right.  There is a formula for success so I asked Anthony what is in his formula.  He shared the fact that first and foremost you have to have a great team of people. AJ  has a great team with diverse gifts that complement each other.  He also shared that the people on the team must be like minded.  There is nothing like having a team of people that are all going in different directions.  Along with team he shared that establishing a culture in the shop is very important. What are the rules that govern the shop and what kind of atmosphere do you want to have?  The shop must also be good at knowing what the current trends are. What are the hot styles and techniques that people are using and asking for and making sure that your staff is familiar with those. He stated that dedication and hard work supersede everything.   In addition, at AJ Styles they work very hard to create a sense of family and togetherness. AJ Styles is also the location for At Ease Sundays Open mic occurring every 1st Sunday of the month and is hosted by “Hood Raised”   To keep up with what’s going on at AJ Styles make sure you like their Facebook page.  It truly is a great shop with great people! That’s our 2 cent!

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At Ease Roars into August

August 3, 2015 in Music & Poetry Blog by Mropenyonated

Leo season has arrived and all the lions were roaring at At Ease Sundays!  At Ease Sundays poetry sets are every first Sunday of the month.  They have been holding it down in Oak Park Illinois for the last 3 years and are still going strong. Last nights show was jammed packed as usual and was full of new comers.  When you continually have new visitors that means that you are doing something right and At Ease certainly is doing a couple of things right in regards to hosting a successful poetry set. The synergy between their team keeps their operation running smoothly, their location is nice and easily accessible, and they give the people variety which is important when people are in one place for more than an hour.   I truly believe one of the biggest factors in having a successful set is having the right host. Personality is everything when you are hosting an event! Hood Raised is entertaining, makes sure that his people have a good time and does not come off as arrogant even though he is one of the most sought after poets on the Chicago scene. I’ve always been made to feel at home even when I read poetry during the open mic session. Kudos to the At Ease Team for continually drawing new talent and audience participants after 3 years.  That’s my 2 cents.  Make sure that you like the At Ease Page to keep up with their events.

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Hard Knots Jewelry makes its debut !

August 3, 2015 in Mr. Openyonated's Picks by Mropenyonated

They say that when you are creating a masterpiece you shouldn’t rush and that you should   take your time. on Saturday August 1, 2015 Gordon Newman unveiled his masterpiece his handcrafted jewelry line “Hardknots” It’s always an exciting time when you’re  introducing a labor of love and this was no exception.  The premiere of Hardknots was at Maya Del Sol Restaurant in Oak Park IL. Mr. Newman was surrounded by those who had been waiting in anticipation for him to make his premiere. The Name Hardknots was given to the line because of the materials that are used to create it. Gordon also shared with us that historically knots are what are used to keep things together and the name communicates the durability of the product that he has to offer. He has always been a lover of exotic stones so he decided to infuse his collection with them. I personally love the luminous look of the stones that he choose for many of his pieces, there is nothing like eye catching accessories to make a signature look.  Gordon seems to be a true renaissance man, he not only designs jewelry but he paints, draws and sculpts as well. He is relatively new to jewelry design but has always been a lover of the arts. The creative process varies from person to person. Gordon shared that he typically gathers all of his materials together along with his ideas and begins to create based on what he has studied and observed as being trendy and adds his own creative flare.  In the next five years Gordon sees his brand expanding and can definitely see his line in boutiques, department stores and would love to offer it in places such as QVC.  When asked what makes his line unique he said that his line is classic, it does not overwhelm like some  jewelry does and that he takes the time to choose quality materials to design with.  We definitely enjoyed our time at the launch and look forward to more exciting things from HardKnots.  Gordon can be reached via Facebook and email and will be launching his official website soon.

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