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Spring Cleaning.

April 7, 2015 in Coaching Corner by antwanm

Spring break A.K.A clean up week is typically a time when we clean up all the things that have accumulated during the winter and or put some things away. Are there things in your life that need to be thrown out or put up?

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Dig Up your Talents!

April 5, 2015 in Coaching Corner by antwanm

Each and everyone of us have talents. God has given us something unique to help others, support ourselves and ultimately give glory to him. Sometimes we bury our talents, this is an encouragement for you to dig it up and put it to use!

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IFly Chicago

April 5, 2015 in Mr. Openyonated's Picks by antwanm

If you are looking for a great experience try IFly. It’s an indoor sky diving  facility that will not disappoint. Initially I was a little nervous but the professional staff made the experience and enjoyable.  I flew with a group of friends to celebrate a birthday.  I have not had this much fun in a long time. They have many different packages to fit the novice as well as the more experienced. If you ever wanted to try something out of adventurous I suggest IFly!  Visit their website for more information.

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Stop talking yourself out of success!

April 4, 2015 in Coaching Corner by antwanm

Today I had a conversation with one of my elders about life and they mentioned one of the regrets that they had. I immediately thought about what life would have been like for them and their family if they had made a different choice. We must not let fear stand in our way. Live life with no regrets!

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“The Journey”

March 21, 2015 in Coaching Corner by antwanm

Sticks and stones may break my bones but words may never hurt me, it’s a rhyme that children are taught but is a complete lie.  Word’s shape people, lead people and yes can hurt them.  There are a few words that have stuck with me in my life but there is one phrase in particular that I have never forgotten. When I went on a doctors visit when I was younger with my siblings I remember him saying “this must be the one who eats the most food.” The doctor may have been joking however he did not know that years later those words would stick with that child well into adulthood. I love good food, who doesn’t? Food is everywhere ! Every social setting has some kind of food and drink whether it’s a birthday party or a family reunion needless to say food has an important part in all of our lives.  I’ve shared on Facebook a few pictures from sessions at boot camp with Getting Better Fitness but I’ve never mentioned why I decided to bit the bullet and get my body back to a place where I feel comfortable with it. When I was in my 20′ s I along with a group of friends started going to a trainer and eating right and it was fantastic. I lost weight, felt great, got compliments, my clothes fit better, etc. I said yes to the journey but I didn’t continue. Fast forward now I’m nearly knocking on 40 and this is the heaviest that I have ever been.  My requires that you have wellness check ups and my last one was not what I expected. I weighed 209 pounds! I’ve been went between 190 and 200 pounds for the last 5 years or so. People say you don’t look like it but I guess I carry the weight well. It was kind of a blow to me because I was becoming “the one who eats the most food.” One thing that also hit me was a while ago some people were looking at my book and made the comment about my picture “What happened?”  Funny thing is I can cook, I’ve lost weight before so I know what to do but I wasn’t doing it.  I had been to one of Javid’s bootcamps  the founder of “Getting Better Fitness” before and since I had fallen off of the wagon my body was not ready! At one point in the workout my body said “Oh no you didn’t!” and I had to have a seat.  I was ashamed because all of these women around me were going to town and I was sitting on the ground trying to pull it together. After that I took a break from bootcamp. A few months later I came home from work logged on to the Getting Better web page and signed up for weekly bootcamp sessions and popped into class the same day. I didn’t even say I was coming I just went.  The work outs have been challenging yet fulfilling. I need to build up my strength and endurance. I love the fact that there are other people there fighting along side me. It’s an encouraging environment Javid’s a great guy and I hope to be able to revisit the body that I earned the last time but this time I plan on keeping it around for a while. I plan on blogging week to week about my progress. If you want to learn a little more about Javid, his transformation and his work visit the site  and the Facebook page

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Anjaleia – Boomerang ft Jamason Coles

March 15, 2015 in Music & Poetry Blog by antwanm

Check out the new TrackMartians produced track. It’s a good listen and soothing to the ears. Love songs should be simple and effortless this hits the mark. Check out more work from the TrackMartians by following their Facebook page.

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Eighty Nine+1 Presents “When Man Was Created By God

March 2, 2015 in Music & Poetry Blog by antwanm


What do you get when you put a group of melanin super charged individuals on one stage?  You get an EXPLOSION!!! The encore presentation of the When Man Was Created By God brought in a packed house. was granted back stage access to cover the Eighty Nine+1 produced show. My hat goes off to Eighty Nine +1 for delivering  an inspiring, informative and professional performance.  The first thing that stuck out instantly was the camaraderie amongst the performers.  This production didn’t appear to have any BiG I’s and little U’s. I didn’t witness any ego trips during the course of the night which is rare whenever you put a group of talented individuals together. This wasn’t just a production, it was edutainment. The audience was entertained and educated at the same time. What I truly enjoyed about the production was that it gave you a view into the heart and soul of a man which can be rocky territory. We live in a society that gives a distorted view into who the black man is and feeds the masses lies and misinformation. I truly believe that the veil was lifted from the eyes of all that attended. The all star male cast consisted of Prophet Maalak, Enoch Muhammad,Ques Lostforwords Sdrecluse, Moe Mentum Garrett, Hoodraised, Phemon, Jun June, Ced Goods, Harold Green III, Armen Rah, Darnell “B Rock” BoBo, Lawrence Binkey Tolefree. This cast hit it out of the ballpark! Each member brought their own story and individuality to the production. No door was left unopened or stone unturned in regards to the past, present and future of the man.  In a climate where all negatives are broadcast about black men it’s a breath of fresh air to see them elevated to the place where they truly belong. The king were definitely holding court.    Eighty Nine+1 is a family affair that is here to stay. This is the second production that I have had the opportunity to see.  It’s great to see a family move as a Dynasty. Stay tuned to see what future works come out of the Eighty Nine +1 camp.  To keep up with what they’re cooking make sure you like their Facebook page and be sure to follow the performers and their individual works and projects!  IMG_1360

To see images from the show visit our page and give us a like and a share.

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New Ladies Runnit New Ladies Runnit… ”Yur Love”

February 24, 2015 in Music & Poetry Blog by antwanm

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Erin Sedalia releases “Subtle Rebellion”

February 21, 2015 in Music & Poetry Blog by antwanm


Erin Sedalia






I first met Erin at a karaoke fundraising event at The Mirror Project.  When you think of karaoke you typically think of songs that everyone knows and loves to sing along to even if they aren’t so good at singing them. (LOL) On this night of Karaoke that wouldn’t be the case, I was introduced to a young lady that didn’t just sing she saaaaaannnng! I am a lover of music that dates back to listening to all of the greats like Aretha Franklin, Stevie Wonder, Gap Band, etc at my grandmothers family parties where they used to have the children dance.  When I hear someone who I feel is talented I always ask “Do you have an album out?” or “When is the album coming out?” I posed the same question to Erin after hearing her bring the house down.  Fast forward to February 20th 2015 and there it was the Album release for Subtle Rebellion. It was a chilly night in the Windy City but that did not stop supporters from coming out to get their first listen to Erin’s hotly anticipated album.  There was excitement in the air the ambience was perfect. Refuge is a nice chill spot located at 416 South Clark the perfect venue to present the album. We didn’t just get to hear the album we were walked through on a tour and what a beautiful tour it was. The album does not disappoint. Erin’s voice is rich and vibrant. Subtle Rebellion tells a story that many of us have lived.  All of the songs were written by Erin and she also served as one of its Executive Producers. Erin is a gem, she is talented and humble. It’s very rare that you find someone humble in the entertainment industry.  My favorites on the album  are Intimate Sobriety and Blue Eyes.   Make sure you go out and cop the album and let us and Erin know what your favorites are. You can find Erin on all social media @Erinsedalia.  Make sure that you follow us on Twitter and IG @mropenyonated.

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At Ease Sunday Going Away Celebration

January 19, 2015 in Music & Poetry Blog by antwanm

At Ease Sunday one of Chicago’s hottest poetry sets is taking its show on the road to Atlanta. This team is doing BIG things! They are consistently doing new things and keeping the poetry scene fresh. Check out some of the performances of the Jan 2015 edition of At Ease.



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