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Kindgom Come

June 21, 2015 in Music & Poetry Blog by antwanm


If there ever was a time that Black Men needed to be honored it is now!  If there was ever a time that Black Men needed to be unified it is now! Setting the stage for Father’s Day weekend was the “Kingdom Come” event hosted at the Ja’Nia Banquet Hall at 3840 West Madison Chgo, IL in West Garfield Park.  The timing of the event is perfect as we are being bombarded in the media constantly with stories of Black Men being killed or killing each other.  Ollie Hood Raised Woods the host of the ever popular “At Ease Sundays” also hosted this event. The roster of Kings that performed were: Darnell “B Rock” BoBo, Blaqe Ice, Ques Lostforwords SdRecluse, Moe Mentum Garrett, Odyssey Lewis,  and Ben Real. In addition to the Kings was Reggae Band “The Machine” and Comedian Just Nesh. One of the things that I enjoy about events produced by the “At Ease” Brand is that the entertainment caters to all people and is truly diverse and uplifting.  Hood Raised shared that one of the reasons that prompted he and Anthony Jones owner of AJ Styles Beauty and Barber Shop in Oak Park, IL to produce the show is the lack positive attention that fathers and men in general receive in today’s climate.  The show gave you a look into the mind of men; their dreams, hurts, fears, failures and triumphs. In addition many men were honored for their accomplishments in various arenas.  There was a dose of comedy provided by Just Nesh who brought us to laughter in her own way and  The Machine brought the house down with their music. It was definitely an enjoyable event and a great grown folks dose of entertainment added to the West Side. Rhythms & Sounds also produced by the At Ease Brand is also hosted every Friday evening in the same location. Kudos to them for continually producing quality entertainment at a reasonable price. That’s my 2 cents! Make sure to like our Facebook fan page at on Facebook as well as follow us on Twitter and IG at MROPENYONATED

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New music video from True Wordz “Jealous”

May 27, 2015 in Music & Poetry Blog by antwanm

We always give love to our local artists who are out there on their grind.  Check out True Wordz latest  video, “Jealous” Give the brother some feedback, follow what he has going on his social media   Follow us on IG & Twitter @MROPENYONATED

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Curvy Diva Fashion Show

May 11, 2015 in Music & Poetry Blog by antwanm

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Mizz Wallace Presents “Curvy Divas Fashion Show”

May 10, 2015 in Music & Poetry Blog by antwanm

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Curvy Divas Fashion Show

May 10, 2015 in Music & Poetry Blog by antwanm

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“LP” Performs at the Curvy Diva Fashion Show

May 10, 2015 in Music & Poetry Blog by antwanm

Mr. Love Personified open’s up the Curvy Divas Fashion show. He did great job and kept the crowd entertained as you will see in the video.

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Expensive Hobbies

April 10, 2015 in Coaching Corner by antwanm

Everyone has a hobby or something that they enjoy doing. Sometimes we decide to turn those hobbies into a side business, when we don’t take our side businesses seriously they become “Expensive Hobbies”

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Be the change you want to see!

April 9, 2015 in Coaching Corner by antwanm

Change isn’t easy but it is very necessary for growth!

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Amarind’s Thai Restaurant

April 8, 2015 in Mr. Openyonated's Picks by antwanm


Spring Rolls


Pad Thai


Crab Rangoon

I love Thai food however finding a place with good food, service and a decent price point can be challenging.  I’m not a “foodie” as some call themselves but I love a good meal. Originally I was headed to Mama Thai but I decided to try another place.  With the help of Yelp and channel 7’s Hungry Hound I came upon Amarind’s. It’s a cozy place in Oak Park at 6822 West North Ave. The decor is not as splashy as Star of Siam but the food was delicious. I had the Pad Thai and crab rangoon. The food was delicious! My server Neesha was pleasant and prompt.  It’s definitely worth a return.

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Spring Cleaning.

April 7, 2015 in Coaching Corner by antwanm

Spring break A.K.A clean up week is typically a time when we clean up all the things that have accumulated during the winter and or put some things away. Are there things in your life that need to be thrown out or put up?

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