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Llewellyn Takes Center Stage!

June 25, 2014 in Music & Poetry Blog by antwanm

Llewellyn Collage

It’s Men’s Fashion Week in Chicago and Jeffery Hawkins and his brand Llewellyn took center stage. It was pouring down raining in Chicago so you would have thought that it would have placed a damper on the big day but it didn’t. The house was packed to see the new collection.  Moroccan Twilight was a fashion journey and it was a fabulous one. The pieces in the show were fantastic, you definitely could tell that a lot of energy was put into the collection. I talked to Jeffery after the show and he shared how he make the decision to purchase top notch fabrics over indulging in purchases for himself during a trip to New York; he definitely made the right choice. The designs were vivid and exciting. Most of the time when you see clothing on the runway you think where am I going to wear that to but that wasn’t the case. I could easily see myself rocking a lot of these pieces. I love the fact that the show started as scheduled it says a lot about planning when events start on time. The venue The Society Art Gallery great and easily accessible. The models were pleasant, friendly and engaging after the show as they mingled afterwards to talk about the line. The show was hosted by Blake Martin the creator of Mens Fashion week in the Chicago. Blake always puts together great shows as I have been to a couple of them. He is professional, punctual and a visionary. He and Jeffery did a phenomenal job in bringing us this collection. If you would like to keep up with the Llewellyn brand If you would like to keep up with Blake Martin and his productions

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Are you serious??

June 24, 2014 in Coaching Corner by antwanm


Do your actions say that you are serious about the goals that you “say” you want to achieve or do they indict you as not really wanting those things?  Many people have stated that they want to become millionaires, want to move on from the past hurt of relationships, they want to further themselves in their careers but they have not put any action behind any of those things.  It’s one thing to state that you want something however it’s another thing to actually put some punch behind it. Decide today that you will put forth the necessary effort to make the goals that come out of your mouth come become a reality.  Dreams without action= disappointment and frustration!


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Bits & Pieces

June 23, 2014 in Music & Poetry Blog by antwanm

on the stage

Everyone has a story but not everyone is willing to open Pandora’s box to share theirs.  On June 21st, I had the privilege of attending Bits & Pieces” a project by “Ollie Hood Raised Woods.” I’m familiar with Ollie through various poetry  sets that I have seen him perform at mainly Penned Productions and At Ease Sunday’s so I knew what caliber of performance I would be attending.  The cast was packed with explosive talent that I have seen perform on the poetry scene while covering it for over a year. The show was loaded with creativity and energy in a great venue. The ticket price included entry and dinner which was prepared by Danielle Barnhart which was delicious. His story was candid and has the power to make you laugh, cry and think at the same time.  What impressed me the most was the willingness of  Ollie to be transparent with his story, something that many men will not do. I was speechless after the performance ! It was well planned, and well executed and it is very visible that he has a great team behind him.   Having the courage to share his story will surely inspire others to do so and will jump start their individual journeys to freedom.  We wish him much success and look forward to more projects!  To keep up with Ollie and what he is doing like his page on Facebook That is Mr Openyonated’s 2 cents !

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New video from International Maverick

June 11, 2014 in Music & Poetry Blog by antwanm

There hasn’t been a visual that International Maverick created that I was not pleased with.  His flow is always on point, the videos always fit the music and I like his introspective style. He may currently be in the land of  sun but the Windy City is definitely laying their claim to him.

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Precise “Take Our Time” (Right Away

June 8, 2014 in Music & Poetry Blog by antwanm

You know loves local talent. Check out Precise’s new video “Take Our Time” (Right Away) It’s soothing to the ears, love the arrangement and it gives some positive attention to the Windy City. We look forward to hearing more from him!  

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At Ease Sundays “Kings Edition”

June 3, 2014 in Poetry by antwanm

At Ease Sunday’s is one of Chicago’s most popular poetry sets. Check out some of the local talent that the city of wind has to offer. The show occurs every 1st Sunday and is hosted by Ollie Hood Raised Woods and has various features each month.  It’s hosted at AJ Styles Beauty and Barber Shop in Oak Park, IL

J.S. Bach

  Ollie Hood Raised Woods

  Jeronimo  Drgnflyy Laureate

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Tweak Central Academy & Row Cypher Presents

May 30, 2014 in Music & Poetry Blog by antwanm

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“When God Created Woman”

May 20, 2014 in Music & Poetry Blog by antwanm


If you missed “When God Created Woman” you missed a treat! It was very refreshing to see an ensemble of women who were not fighting for ratings but were fighting to uplift and inspire.  Once again this collective brought together a packed house from all backgrounds at the Dusable Museum and they did not disappoint.   We laughed, we cried, we shouted it was a fantastic. These poetic powerhouses brought the house down with their performances.  All of these women shined in this performance, there was no one star of the show all of them were stars. They are all giants on the poetry scene. I am sure that everyone in the audience was inspired regardless of their gender!   This is the kind of art Chicago needs, art that heals and educates.

Check out some snippets of their performances


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Who is Mr. Openyonated?

May 18, 2014 in Coaching Corner by antwanm

orange bowtie

Hello there,

My name is Antwan A.K.A Mr. Openyonated. I am a 37 year old Chicago native residing on the West Side of the city.  I am a photographer, entrepreneur,  and life coach.   This blog is my second attempt to enter the blogging world. People say that I’m outspoken and I give good advice so I thought what better way to channel that energy than to blog.  You may be asking yourself why I chose a different spelling of opinion, the answer is because I thought if I spelled it this way it this way it would communicate that I was not afraid to talk about topics that can tend to be off limits to some people. I believe in opening pandoras box and being completely transparent and I believe that everyone should have their say. The other portion of my blog is given to highlight local entertainers in the Chicagoland area. I attend poetry events and local music events and share what people are doing. I enjoy sharing what local and underground people are doing because everyone is so caught up with mainstream artists that some gems don’t get any shine.

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January 7, 2014 in Coaching Corner by antwanm


Whenever you mention accountability in any environment its like cussing out loud!  It’s often abused and misused whenever it is being implemented and for that reason many people do not like it. Being accountable means that you are responsible or liable, according to Webster’s Dictionary.  Responsibility is also another one of those words that no one likes to talk about and no one likes to embrace. Stories of avoiding accountability and being responsible date back to Adam and Even in the garden of Eden. When they disobeyed God each person was looking for someone to blame. No one wanted to take accountability for their actions. Why is accountability so important? Accountability holds us to our words, it takes away the likelihood that we will just throw things out that we really don’t plan to do. We all will be held accountable to someone throughout our lives. When we are not accountable to anyone we operate aimlessly and get comfortable. When we get too comfortable we do not meet our targets. If you are really serious about hitting your goals find someone or a few people who will hold you accountable for what you say you want to do. This person or people will  call you to the mat for what you say and hold you to it. Who in your life holds you accountable?

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